Hosted Applications, Google Apps, etc


KickApps was designed from the ground up to deliver a suite of hosted applications that developers can call on-demand.  Although different in scope, platforms like Google Apps have a similar agenda.  Over time the promise for developers is a limitless array of hosted tools and experiences that deploy quickly in a cost-effective manner.

KickApps can be different things for web developers with very different needs.  For example, some developers may begin with a few Video Players and later add Widgets and Social Networking.  Others may begin with a UGC contest and later integrate Video Players that present playlists of their own editorial content.

Video Players: KickApps web developers can build any number of individually styled and programmable video players for instant deployment on any web page, all supported by a web accessible media management system.

Widgets:  KickApps web developers can build and deploy any number of individually styled and programmable widgets to display and syndicate their own video, photo or audio content.  Widgets also  deploy and syndicate user contributed content.

UGC:  KickApps provides an easily deployable, highly scalable UGC application that includes, video, photo and audio uploads, transcoding, tagging, search, storage, CDN, flagging, media moderation, video blogs, webcam functionality, video-enabled message boards and member-to-member video messaging.

Social Networking: The KickApps social networking application includes customizable personal pages, personal media management, personal widgets, integrated webcams, RSS, IM alerts, comment management, custom settings, customizable wallpaper, themes, and member management tools.


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