On Curation

Nice post on content curation by Martin Zwilling – Entrepreneurs Need to Find the Best Curators.  I follow most of the curators Zwilling mentions, but I would add to the list Jason Hirschhorn’s daily aggregation of the most relevant technology-media stories, Media ReDEFined.

While curation is a hot topic these days, particularly as it relates to the ever-growing legion of aggregation websites, the technology of content curation has advanced little in recent years.  The Flow plans to push curation technology  forward in a number of ways.

The Flow (www.flow.net) intends to deliver a powerful new weapon to professional and amateur content curators, including manual and automated tools for individual and group participants.  We will offer drag-and-drop goodness with fingertip access to real-time content that goes well beyond social feeds and traditional media content – to include commerce, services, classifieds, research and local content.   Granular permissioning, built in commenting, ratings and a deep set of developer APIs will enable a range of new content experiences.  In addition we plan to offer a subscription-based marketplace for proprietary data that will extend to curated content.

Coming soon to http://www.flow.net.


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